Bitzer Aztec (Experimental) VH-EBT - FOR SALE: AUD 115,000
(Call Dave +61 40 3853 396 or Saki +61 42 2537 618)

VH-EBT is an enhanced Aztec model E. With the following modifications:

  • Normally aspirated Lycoming IO-540 C4B5 (250 HP) engines.
  • Wingtip fuel tanks providing and additional 180 lit.
  • Lo-Prestsi type nose bowls and streamlined cowl.

    Total Time (TTIS): 4400 hrs, Engine1: 293 hrs, Engine2: 311 hrs
    Airframe number: 27-3859

    The aircraft is registered in the Australian experimental category. It allows the owner to perform all maintenance on the aircraft should they choose to do so. This can result in significant savings.

    For weight & balance and performance data please see Operators Manual. Cruises 160 - 165 kts with 6 POB plus baggage at 7,000-8,000 ft. The fuel burn is about 100 lit per hour in total.


    Video of takeoff

    Video of landing

    Interior photos

    BIY Ferry 005.jpg