To "LEVEL RESET" the Stratux device

KWik EFIS / Stratux

Swipe Right ... Lift finger and then, Swipe Left .

To "ZOOM" the map


Swipe Up to Zoom in. Swipe Down to Zoom out.

Swipe Right to enable Auto-Zoom.


Procedure for APK installation from the web

On your Android device; Check the option under "Settings" / "Applications" or "Security" / "Unknown sources".

Procedure for APK installation directly from a PC

Short video of the process

- Connect Android device to PC via USB cable and turn on USB storage.
- Copy .apk file to attached device's storage.
- Turn off USB storage and disconnect it from PC.
- Check the option Settings / Applications / Unknown sources.
- Open FileManager app and click on the copied .apk file.

It will ask you whether to install this app or not. Click Yes or OK.

This procedure works even if ADB is not available.