YBPI Brampton Island
Australia , Australasia

20.8033 S 149.2708 E
37 ft 8E

FIA Brisbane Centre 135.5 Circuit Area

14/32 (826 B)

Possible turbulence on approach to both strips. Overfly strip before joining. CCT. REQ'D to switch on landing lights on appoach to land & on takeoff.
When inbound broadcast intentions on 128.8.

Brampton Island is located 20nm east of Mackay, QLD, Australia.

Beach at Brampton Is

View of the beach at Brampton Is.

Catamaran at Brampton Is

Sailing a catamaran is just one of many activities at Brampton Is.

Base leg circuit at Brampton. Carlisle Is to the left

A view of Brampton Is on "base leg". Carlisle Is is to the left.

Curved approach to rwy 14 at Brampton

Coming into land at Brampton Is. The approach is curved other wise we would get too close to the resort.

Overhead Brampton Is

Joining the circuit at Brampton Is. I used to fly a Twin Otter there.

On top of a mountain, Twotter in foreground

A view of Carlisle Is. You can see the Twin Otter in the foreground.

Mackay is over there!

Mackay is to the west.

half way up a mountain, looking to the southeast

About half way up the mountain, looking to the south east. You can see the runway in the foreground.

There's the resort on the right!

Here's the resort on the right!




Brampton Island Resort Pty Ltd T:07 49514499 F:07 49514097 Y