YDKI Dunk Island
Australia , Australasia

17.9417 S 146.1400 E
20 ft 7E

251 114.4 121.3 123.9

14/32 (815 B)

High ground to NE. RH Circuits RWY 14; LH For RWY 32. No joy flights. Resort guests only. Resort:07 40688199

Dunk Island is situated about 70 nm south east of Cairns and it is about 3km east of Mission Beach. It used to take us about 30 min to fly to Dunk Is from Cairns. We used to fly past some spectacular scenery including the one of the highest mountain in Queensland as well as some waterfalls and the township of Innisfail.The strip is only 804m long and subject to some interesting rotors because of the terrain around it. Never a dull day flying to Dunk Is.

Walsh's Pyramid, south of Cairns

Heading south, in view is Walsh's Pyramid, 1500m high. A rather gruelling foot race is held there every August.

Just north of May peak, Cairns ahead.

Flying back from Dunk Is and taking a short cut just north of May Peak. We were doing a "straight in approach" for Rwy 33 but we got pushed off by a jet! Cairns is visible and the airport is just to the right of the city near a small mountain range. (Mt Whitfield national park)

Dunk Is, rwy 14, short final

On short final for rwy 14 at Dunk Island. The strip is only 804m long. You can just see the resort to the left of the photo. It certainly does blend in well with the surroundings.

Dunk Is

Dunk Island.

Curved approach, rwy 32

If for some reason we had to use the other direction, it had to be a curved approach as there was a hill in the way. We did get a rather good view of a reef that was next to the island.


Dunk Island Resort P/L T:07 40688199 F:07 40688528