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the Kwik Navigation Flight Planner

What is Kwik-Navigator?

Kwik-Navigator is a tool for use when planning navigational routes. It is currently optimised for flight planning but can be solve most navigation problems.

It is designed to be simple and intuitive to operate while performing much of the complex work behind the scenes.

All flight planner databases and file formats are completely open, using mostly simple ascii text files thus allowing the user to customize virtually everything to suit their needs.

Use Kwik-Navigator to:

  • Quickly and accurately plan flights.
  • Perform weight and balance calculations.
  • Weather planning and check Notam's.
  • Create flight navigation logs.
  • Submit flight plans using the internet.

Kwik-Navigator news

20 june 2007:

  • add support for text with vector data

3 june 2007:

  • add relief and dcw data packs

20 october 2006:

  • fairly minor maintenance release to roll up some bugfixes

20 june 2006:

  • move application and data to separate installers
  • significant improvements to playback functionality
  • various airfield images added

11 november 2005:

  • major upgrades to gps log view
  • playback functionality added
  • 1:1 000 000 coastline data added
  • international airspace data updated
  • australian airfield database updated