Vans RV8-A VH-ZSW - FOR SALE: AUD 260,000

(Call Dave +61 40 3853 396 or Saki +61 42 2537 618)


  • Fuel Injected Lycoming IO-360 (180 HP) engine.
  • Garmin G3X IFR glass cockpit with fully integrated 3 axis autopilot.
  • Garmin SL-40 Comm Radio. Sharing the G3X database for instant no-fuss frequencies.
  • Multiple redundant electrical system with dual batteries and isolated vital/emergency bus.
  • Field of view Angle of Attack (AoA) display with aural feedback.
  • Low drag streamlined cowl.
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) with voice warnings.
  • Extended rudder pedals for toe-tip-taxi.
  • External power connector suitable for connection to standard GBU.


    Total Time (TTIS): 350 hrs, Engine: 350 hrs (Since new)
    Airframe number: 82612

    The aircraft is registered in the Australian experimental category. It allows the owner to perform all maintenance on the aircraft should they choose to do so. This can result in significant savings.

    Performance data please see Operators Manual. Cruises 165 - 170 kts with 2 POB plus baggage at 7,000-8,000 ft. The fuel burn is about 28 lit per hour. This airplane is as close to perfect as it was possible to make her.

    Climb in, turn the key and fly around the world, if you so desire.

    Note: All the decorations are all vinyl stickers and can be very easily removed.

    Eye Candy

    Video of RNAV approach

    Video of IF departure

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